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For a cleaner and safer environment


Prompt, quality and clean areas is what Mr Brooms stand for.


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School Grounds
Car Parks

Safety is number one

We can get the job done before during or after hours so it wont affect your business!


We can base it on an hourly rate or one fixed contract cost agreement to suit you!


Maximise the productivity of your staff by letting us do the dirty work, using our state of  the art mini sweepers.


Sweeping costs are inexpensive compared to pollution fines, and as the name mini sweepers suggest we can reach those hard to reach places.


Our Machines are quiet, attractive and people-friendly for sweeping public areas without disturbing customers, employees, citizens or your guests.

A clean parking lot attracts customers, and customers means revenue, says Mr Brooms. Sweeping is essential.

School Grounds

Ideal for sweeping up litter and leaves.


We can sweep before school on a regular basis or have a clean up every school holiday just before the students return.

Great for clean up before open day or after school fetes.


We can develop an outstanding image of your facility by using Tenant equipment creating clean, safe areas.


Don’t risk the negative publicity associated with unhygienic areas or slip and fall accidents.

After hours, During school holidays, No interference with your school activities.

mini sweepers

faster than


Clean parking lots are essential says Mr brooms mini sweepers. Several examples of clean car parks versus dirty ones are available.

Car Parks

Mr Brooms Mini Sweepers has found that clean car parks and parking stations attract more visitors and potential customers. Your car park and parking station are part of the total "shop front" picture, often this is forgotten by the owners.

At the end of the long working day the last thing you want to do is manually sweep your car park or parking station.


This is where we can help, we provide prompt and excellent service. We take the rubbish away (conditions apply) and leave you with a clean and tidy car park.


A clean car park is inviting for your customers and helps your business.


Be confident that we can minimise the danger of broken bottles and glass with our Sweeping Machines, making your environment cleaner and safer.

Construction Sites/ Private Roadways

Tradesmen, labourers are in high demand at the moment and should do what they do best.


Having a sweeper on site is quicker and cheaper than 4 labourers on a broom. It is more efficient and creates less dust.


These services can be provided to suit your needs. i.e. a programmed sweep on days of your preference or on call.


Remember a clean site is a safe site


We can even take your rubbish away (conditions apply).

Council contract tenders

When your machine is unavailable or overworked, we can ease the work load.


Transport depots

Removal of tyre dust, dirt and litter.


Scrubbing service

For a clean and safe environment.


Sweeper Transport service

Sweeper and Scrubber transport. We can relocate your machines professionally by tilt tray. Don't let any tilt tray service move your machine let us, we know haw to move them without damage.


Prompt, quality and clean areas is what Mr Brooms stand for.

Remember...... The drain is just for rain.

The trick is to get to those places where big machinery can't go or get to, a small sweeper is just that... get to those small corners.
Using a sweeper to clean factory floors, it is like a broom on wheels.
Have you ever tried to clean your parking garage by using a broom? Well if you have you know you can't beat Mr Brooms.

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